à tout à l’heure !



5 réflexions sur “à tout à l’heure !

  1. Very cool! By the way, I saw your message about qr-codes! I need to do that for sure on my stickers! For some reason, I couldnt reply to you on my page…? But, yeah, I wish I could understand the qr-code thing…


    • Thanks ! Today I dived into this qr-code matter and found a corresponding software for qr-code generation which works with my system.
      Finally I could include a qr-code into one of my pictures. I will print this out in a drug store’s photo printer later, and my daugther (who has a smart phone) could eventually check out whether or not it’s working.
      The code should lead to the same picture on my blog 😀
      Will keep you posted about the result.


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