rochers et arbres






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    • Hi Noeline, thank you for liking these pictures! The effects were made by the aide of the GIMP (GNU image manipulation) application in connection with it’s plug-in G’MIC. Please take a look at for more informations on this. You have to try out then the lots of possibilities, « GIMP » (… what a name for this good app…) offers you. For the pictures on « rochers et arbres » I took the Dreamsmoothing algorithm from the G’MIC plug-in and then let the « Dynamic Range increase » work out some more of the … dreamsmoothed details 😀
      You would also have to play a bit with the contrast and colour saturation.
      I became familiar to this image program in 2008, when I started Linux computing, and « GIMP » was, as I do belive, at these times the only image maipulation program working with Linux.
      Meanwhile, there are also versions of GIMP for MAC and Windows available.
      Thanks for you interest, and I wish you a fine weekend 🙂


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